Dear athletes, you have written the first pages of new sports stories

This championship and all of you will be remembered always. You have shown your play, strokes, and perseverance as it was time for you to get on the line. Now you are part of the sports university team, that is growing every year with more and more quality postage. You've brought new competitions, new tricks, new stories to Zagreb. The first gold of female from Spain and Croats, the silver of Serbs, male Croats and Spanish will remain always on Jarun.


Jarun will keep all your windsurfing, songs, dances and support. The first game was played on this sand, the first hit scored, the first gold won. You were the first one on this sand. Bring beautiful moments to your country and be proud that you are the first participant in the European beach handball championship.


Handball on the beach is a part of you, and always keep the love and passion you have for this sport l.