Official days for:

  • Arrival(s): 23.07.2019. 
  • Departure(s): 28.7.2019.


Official arrival and departure points:








Approved Travel plan(s) provides access to Transportation.

  • During previously set official days for Beach Handball 2019 with arrival (July, 23rd) and departure day (July, 28th), transportation service will be organized by Zagreb 2019 organization. Transportation will fully cover routes from/to official (arrival/departure) points likewise from/to accommodation.
  • Transportation from/to other arrival/departure points that are not listed above will not be organized nor covered by Zagreb2019 organization.
  • Official point (for both, arrival and departure) will have at least one representative from Zagreb 2019 organization.
  • Every possible and unpredicted changes in approved Travel plan(s) shall be transmitted via email directly to Transportation department.



Local Transportation


  • For all students and volunteers accommodation is provided at the same location (Athletes Village) à the main transportation hub.
  • All venues are located in a radius of 3 kilometres from the Athletes Village.
  • Location of the entrance/exit bus stops (to sports facilities) is next to Athletes Village.
  • All buses are low floor buses, air-conditioned and fulfil all demands for Zagreb 2019 participants, with total minimum of required 75 passenger positions.
  • Buses will be labelled for better recognition and for better visual communication with participants and for easy distinction among regular ones.
  • Parking slots are next to Athletes Village and within village (with limited space) and are provided free of charge for all guest and team members coming with personal buses/vans/cars.



Transportation services from/to official welcome points and from/to sport venues during official competition days will be provided free of charge for all participants. The transportation from/to catering place will not be needed thus all facilities are in radius less than 100m from accommodation facilities.

Which form of transportation will be used during EUC depends on the target group of participants, frequency and duration of the journey, taking into account the flexibility and types of the means of transportation.


Participant Category


Athletes/coaches/other team members

Regular lines for the competitors (shuttle buses),

air conditioned buses

Athletes in the role of spectators

Regular lines for the competitors (shuttle buses),

air conditioned buses


Special lines - combi-vans (as needed)


Regular lines for the competitors (shuttle buses),

special lines - combi-vans

EUSA TD and Assistant

Dedicated cars with a driver on disposal 24/7 for official engagements

EUSA family and VIP

Dedicated cars with a driver on disposal 24/7 for official engagements




Official transportation schedules with timetable will be available in accreditation centres, official web site and at every info point! 


Zagreb 2019 Transport Department Contact: Ms Radica Magušić