Croatia, Serbia and Spain are at top of Europe

 The final matches of the first European University Championship in the beach handball have bought the first conquerors of this Championship. The full stands at Jarun enjoyed the university finals, which bought together with the University of Barcelona and the University of Novi Sad in the women’s finals. The atmosphere of the last day of the Championship was glowing, and the clash of athletes additionally warmed up the entire finals. The hot Jarun sands got the first handball champions in the beach handball.


The women’s final match was set aside by female athletes from the University of Novi Sad who ended the first part with an advantage. The attractive athletes from Barcelona are not discouraged, and in the second part they align the result so that the winner is undressed after “Shoo-out”. The last part of the final ended, and the victory went to athletes from Catalonia, who immediately began to celebrate the title of the champion by signing and swimming in Lake Jarun. Immediately after an exciting and attractive women’s finals, the male finals were followed between the University of Zagreb and the University of Belgrade. Before the match began, it was known that the match would be difficult and tens, resembling the representative matches of Croatia and Serbia’s handball time. The host opened the finals with the lead and kept until the end of the match.


MVP player in the female tournament is Katja Heraković from the University of Zagreb and Rastko Aničić from The University of Belgrade. Tilburg University won the Fair Play trophy.


The first titles of Europe’s handball champions are in the hands of the female athletes at the University of Barcelona and the male athletes of the University of Zagreb. We have completed the first edition of the European Championship in this summer sport to the golden conquerors. With the trophies and medals, goals and defenses, fun and frightening, we have come to the end of this Championship.